Hannah Cover and Writing Update

In between writing short stories and editing Price of Tomorrow, I found myself wanting to do something a little more visual. As a result, I now have a first draft of the cover art for Hannah!Let me know what you think. 😉

The photo credit goes to Dominik Dombrowski courtesy of Unsplash.

In case you haven’t heard me talk about Hannah yet, you can get an idea what it’s about from the trailer I made (during another visual mood). You can find it on the Hannah book page.

I also created a concept sketch for the character of Rhiovannara in Price of Tomorrow that I made with my awesome new Prinsmacolor markers. Once I scan it and add a background, I think I’ll post it on the Price of Tomorrow book page, so look for it there.

Another thing to look forward to: I’ll probably start looking for beta readers for Price of Tomorrow next month. I’m going to post the first three chapters here on my site so people can get a feel for the manuscript and decide if they’d like to be a reader. I’ll be sure to post when they’re up, so keep an eye out.



Syn gets a new title

As I close in on the second draft of SYN, it’s time to start thinking about a real title.

After throwing a lot of words around, I’m leaning toward: The Price of Tomorrow.


Meet Syn

I’ve decided to take a break from Alex’s exploits for a little while to write about another world, Mars, in my new young adult science fiction novel: Syn. Keep an eye out for more news about this title, including a chance to influence a character’s name.

Check out the book’s page here!