Courting Darkness, draft 1

It was a lot of really early mornings, but I did it. I’ve completed the first draft of Courting Darkness!

I made a list of stray thoughts and details as I wrote, things that need to be tweaked or added, and I’m going to start right in on that, but I wanted to take a moment here to jump for joy. (It’s hard to dance and shout when the rest of the house is still sleeping.)

I’m excited to get right back into it, and to continue the story in book three. Here’s hoping July is as successful as June!


Third time’s the charm?

I just got a third request for my full manuscript, A Drop of Magic!

I really like the agent. She’s near my age, and has a lot of similar interests. I feel like we could get along.  *Crosses fingers*

Whatever the outcome, this round of querying is going way better than the last. Maybe I’m finally getting the hang of things.