Magicsmith Book 1

blank_coverAlex wants nothing more than to create her art in peace, but when her friend becomes the latest victim in a mysterious string of murders she is pulled into a web of secrets that will unravel her quiet life and leave her questioning everything she thought she knew. Faced with impossible truths, she can cling to her humanity and let the world fend for itself, or face a reality she’s never imagined and maybe catch a killer.

Alex’s first reaction is to hold on to the life she’s built, ignore the crazy claims of the stranger on her doorstep, and leave world-saving to the professionals. If she chooses to walk the path of the unknown it could cost her everything. Her identity, her freedom, even her life. But if the stranger is to be believed, Alex stands the best chance of stopping a murderer whose crimes threaten the tenuous peace between humans and fae. As magic bleeds into her mundane life, Alex struggles to understand the world around her as she’s never seen it before.



Magicsmith Book 2



When her boyfriend is accused of murder, half-blood fairy Alex Blackwood is pulled into the middle of a paranatural war for territory. She’ll use her magic, her friends, and every trick up her sleeve to save the man she loves from a fate worse than death, even if it costs her life.


The Price of Tomorrow


Rhiovannara is the daughter of a Martian noble tired of being a pawn to powerful men, but to gain her freedom, she’ll have to leave her world behind.

Jet is a street kid scraping by on the low-levels of Mars, until a job gone wrong paints a target on his back andsets him on the path of vengeance.

Gien is the man who ruined both of their lives in a scheme to overthrow the shadow organization he’s spent a lifetime infiltrating.

Together, these three strangers will decide the future of Mars. But, every victory has a price. Freedom or justice? Love or revenge? Murder or sacrifice? How much will each of them give to secure the future?


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