Honorable Mention

Finally got the result for the Writers of the Future second quarter (there’s always so much waiting!). My sort story “Hero” received an Honorable Mention. That makes two HMs and one Silver HM.

I’m thrilled that my writing is consistently good enough to make it into this category, but I’m also disappointed. I need to get *better*!

In searching for some kind of advice on how I can break through to the next level with my writing, I came across this article written by the judge of the contest specifically addressing what lands a story in the honorable mention category:


Unfortunately, without knowing which applies to me, it’s a lot like saying, “It was good, but it was missing that… certain something.” Without knowing what’s missing, it’s hard to figure out how to put it in there.

Ah well. I’ll keep writing and hope I find that certain… whatever it is. 😛


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