Positive Feedback

The second of the three agents who requested my full manuscript has responded, and the feedback is encouraging!

Here’s what they said:

We have read the full manuscript and have been discussing it. Your writing is very good and the story line works well, the debate has been about where to place it. At the moment urban fantasy is down. I can suggest a couple things. The first is to add a bit of romance. Not a full romantic arc in the first story, but a slow burn that could unfold over the series. That will open it up to more editors. The second is to hold it hoping the urban fantasy market returns. We would be willing to work with you on both fronts, as well as read anything else you may have written. We do enjoy your writing voice and would like to get your career started.

I haven’t yet decided what to do about their advice, but I’m super excited that they liked my writing enough to want to work with me. 🙂


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